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ITM TwentyFirst University focuses on life insurance education and provides TOLI trustees, attorneys, advisors, regulators and others with practical guidance to use in their practice. The course topics include real life case studies that can be applied to day to day situations. Subject matter is designed to help ensure that advisors can provide insureds and beneficiaries with exceptional support related to life insurance. From time to time, we also offer courses related to other unique assets or topics of interest to our clients. Our faculty consists of sought after presenters who are experts in their related fields. Attendees are eligible for free Continuing Education (CE) credits. See specific courses for applicable CE listings.

Speakers Bureau - Session 1

An Overview of Life Insurance Policy Management

Effective policy management starts with understanding specific policy characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. We will explore the development and marketing of specific life insurance products over the last two decades and the market conditions that have affected policy performance.

We will show how to select the appropriate policy for a client and outline the 3 biggest mistakes we see in policy management. The session will also review the use of life insurance in a trust setting, with the issues and fiduciary responsibilities that it entails. The participant will leave the session with a much greater understanding of life insurance policy management.

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Speakers Bureau - Session 2

Current Issues and Advanced Topics in Life Insurance

This session will explore in detail some of the challenges being faced today in policy management. After exploring the reasons for the issues, we will outline the advanced methods that can be used to provide solutions to your client’s changing life insurance needs. Managing life insurance has become harder in this low interest rate, volatile market, and the unprecedented cost of insurance (COI) increases we have seen only adds to the challenge.

We will show how the decision making process can be helped with advanced tools such as life expectancy (LE) reports and policy premium optimization techniques. Additional discussion will occur around maximizing the value of an “unneeded” policy, including the advantages and disadvantages of selling a policy in the secondary market.

This course will equip the advisor with or without a strong life insurance background with the requisite knowledge to deal with the life insurance challenges facing todays’ clients.

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Note: The two sessions can be combined to create a continuous two hour session. There is no charge for the CFP, CTFA sessions, including CE reporting. The only charge is for air fare and hotel expenses for the session presenter. Call today for further information.

Special FREE CLE Course for the Florida Legal Community

Understanding Life Insurance and Life Insurance Policy Management for the Attorney

Attorney’s involved in Estate and Business Planning, or the Trust and Estates arena are often called upon to deal with life insurance, which is an often misunderstood, increasingly complex financial instrument. This session will provide an overview of the specific types of life insurance, their advantages and disadvantages, and issues. It will cover policy suitability and policy selection and will include information on policy replacement, an important topic.

Though not geared specifically for the Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) policy, it will cover life insurance in a trust setting, focusing on particular issues that can arise. This fast paced one hour session is ideal for in-house “Lunch & Learn” education sessions at law firms or Bar Association events and meetings.

This special FL CLE course will be offered completely free of charge over the course of 2017. Call today for further information.

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