We provide a complete outsourced servicing solution for life settlement services. Our team of dedicated insurance analysts has unparalleled expertise in life insurance portfolio services. Having worked for years with many of the most sophisticated investors in life settlements, our team provides a high level of support to ensure optimal performance of our clients’ assets. Clients of ITM TwentyFirst also receive access to longevity data and insured information unavailable elsewhere in the market.

Connect is a secure, cloud-based, state-of-the-art platform providing you with real-time access to all policy and insured data which can be easily downloaded into Microsoft Excel, PDF, and a variety of other formats. Connect also provides you access to mortality data and historical underwriting information.

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Key Features

  • Policy Status, Values and Premium Confirmation
    Ensure policies are in good standing every month

  • Electronic And Physical Tracking
    Discover maturities quickly through multiple sources

  • Death Claim Processing
    Prepare and process death claims efficiently

  • Insured And Policy Reporting
    Ability to run portfolio reports in real time

  • Premium Optimization
    Analyze policy premiums to find most efficient payment schedule

  • Portfolio Search
    Every data point of your portfolio is easily searchable

  • Document Management
    View or download some or all of your documents with a few clicks

  • Medical Record Retrieval & Rx Searches
    Keep your medical records and prescription information current with our in house procurement team

  • Historical Underwriting
    Gain context for a Life Expectancy by comparing to an insured's full underwriting history

  • Longevity Data
    Access to our Actual/Expected calculator to analyze over 200,000 underwritings