With over $11 trillion of life insurance policies in force, a diverse group of companies and professionals are exposed to the life insurance market on a daily basis. ITM TwentyFirst partners with these companies and professionals to navigate and cut through the complexities of life insurance and longevity risk.

ILIT Trustees

ITM TwentyFirst provides trustees all the tools necessary to manage life insurance trusts (ILIT) and the associated fiduciary risks. Our solutions range from simple to fully managed but all of them help trustees keep in compliance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act and OCC regulation.

Universities & Non-Profits

Life insurance donations can be an important part of fundraising and revenue generation for universities and non-profits. As experts in life insurance products, we work with universities and non-profits to establish policies and procedures for accepting life insurance policies while we service the policies to ensure optimal returns are achieved.

Life Settlement Companies

Since 1998, ITM TwentyFirst has been a leader in life expectancy underwriting and longevity data. ITM TwentyFirst also provides unparalleled expertise in life settlement portfolio servicing. With our Connect platform, clients have real-time access to their portfolio information, actual-to-expected results and other tools to help investors boost returns and protect their investments.