We help hundreds of banks, trust companies and other fiduciaries manage their ILITs and mitigate regulatory risk and fiduciary liability.

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ILIT Administration Software

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ILIT Administration


ITM TwentyFirst offers a turnkey solution to those managing the complexities of Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts.

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ITM TwentyFirst provides an ILIT administration solution for life insurance trust and policy administration.

It takes a team of trust administrators, insurance experts, and underwriters to effectively manage ILITs. When using our fully managed solution, you remain trustee but our team of professionals handles the ILIT administration. Our insurance experts and underwriters review and manage the policies for optimal performance and remediate troubled policies by working with the trustee and the grantor, while our experienced trust administrators handle the day-to-day administration of the trust.

This solution allows clients to reduce the cost of administering trusts and managing policies and assists the trustee in meeting the needs of grantors and beneficiaries.

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Key Features

  • Trust Administration
    Prepare and deliver gift and Crummey notices.

  • Policy Management
    Ensure premiums are paid and policy is in good standing.

  • Policy Remediation
    Provide solutions for troubled policies and document appropriately to mitigate liability.

  • Annual Policy Review
    Review policy for performance issues annually.

  • Pre-Acceptance Reviews
    Analyze policies and trusts for risks prior to onboarding.

  • Reporting
    Real-time reporting simplifies internal and regulatory audits.

  • Customized Client Communications
    All grantor and beneficiary communications are customized with client branding.

STANDARD SOLUTION - ILIT Administration Software

ITM TwentyFirst offers InsuranceIQ:

A cloud-based software solution for life insurance policy management and trust administration. InsuranceIQ is designed for trustees and other fiduciaries responsible for the management of insurance policies.

The Standard ILIT Administration Software Solution provides the tools required to administer trusts and automate the management of life insurance policies. InsuranceIQ is designed to reduce costs, improve client relationships and significantly reduce your fiduciary risk.

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Key Features

  • Administration Work Flow Management
    (Gift, Premium Due & Crummey Notices)

  • Document Management

  • Insurance Carrier Monitoring

  • Annual Policy Review
    (Insight Report)

  • Trust Management Reporting

  • Experienced Customer Service Team